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Hurco Companies, Inc. is excited to show visitors of the 2024 International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS) how easy it is to implement and benefit from machine-tending automation thanks to the ProCobots-Hurco integration.

Hurco will demonstrate the capabilities of ProCobots automation on several Hurco machines, illustrating how simple it is to set up and run different jobs through the Hurco control’s Automation Job Manager feature, which eliminates the need for robot programming. Attendees will also see how quick it is to move ProCobots from one machine to another, as well as the collaborative robot’s safety features.

While IMTS guests will notice the focus on automation, the Hurco control is what makes such complete automation integration possible. To demonstrate the power and flexibility of the Hurco control, visitors can interact with demo consoles and see the demonstrations on the following Hurco models: the new TM8MYi with live tooling and a Y-axis and the TM8i slant-bed lathe; the 3-axis VM ONE, VM15Di, VMX42Di, and the 5-axis VMX42SRTi and VC500i. Hurco will also give visitors a glimpse of the future look of Hurco machines, exhibiting design concepts of the Hurco control and the CNC machine.

Be sure to stop by IMTS booth 338319 to witness the future of machining.


About IMTS 2024  – The International Manufacturing Technology Show, the largest and longest-running industry trade show in the Western Hemisphere, is held every other year at McCormick Place in Chicago, Illinois.

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Show Information


September 9 - 14, 2024


McCormick Place, Chicago | Directions to 2301 S Lake Shore Dr, Chicago, IL 60616 USA

Hurco Booth 338319 - South Building, Level 3


10:00 am - 6:00 pm



Company Overview

At Hurco we know technology should help you, not get in your way. Our mills and lathes minimize tedious and redundant tasks so your machinists can be more productive and each job can be more profitable. Hurco CNC machines are built to last and are equipped with the most flexible control in the industry. A control that lets you decide which programming method works best for each particular job: NC, Conversational, or NC/Conversational Merge.

To go along with our powerful control, we provide our customers with a broad range of machines to fit their specific needs ranging from 3-axis mills, 5-axis cnc machines, live tool lathes, all the way up to our horizontal boring mills.

CNC Machines

VM one


3-Axis Machining Center

With a small footprint yet large work cube, this mill packs an inordinate amount of productivity into an efficiently designed package. The VM ONE offers a 26 x 16 x 14 inches of XYZ travels and requires 72.5 x 70.6 x 87.2 inches (W x D x H) of space. This 3-axis, general purpose machining center also features a belt-driven, 8,000-rpm, CAT 40, Big Plus® spindle, providing great bang for your buck!



3-Axis Machining Center

Another 3-axis machine in Hurco’s VM Series, the VM15Di provides the same value as the VM ONE but in a larger, more powerful package. With 30 x 16 x 20 inches of XYZ travel, this machining center features a direct-drive, 12,000-rpm, CAT 40, Big Plus® spindle. Hurco will use the VM15Di to preview design concepts of the machine and the control that illustrate the new look and feel of future machines.



Slant-Bed Lathe

This true 30° slant-bed lathe offers a small footprint, large work cube, chip management system, and affordable price tag, making small batch manufacturing profitable. The TM8i has a 23.2-in distance between centers and 8-in diameter chuck.



3-Axis Machining Center

The VMX42Di (42 x 24 x 24 inches of XYZ travels) is part of the VMX Series, Hurco’s signature line of CNC machining centers. This 3-axis mill provides high-performance capabilities to any machining application. Whether you are doing die/mold work or batch production, the VMX42Di delivers through speed, performance and precision. With a 15,000-rpm, direct-drive spindle and Big Plus®, CAT 40 spindle taper, the VMX42Di boasts better surface finish, reduced heat transfer, a quieter spindle, and less head growth. It also enables reduced chip-to-chip time and faster spindle acceleration and deceleration due to the direct-drive spindle.



5-Axis Machining Center

Hurco’s SRT Series of 5-axis machining centers offers multiple advantages, starting with the machine's design configuration that utilizes a B-axis swivel head with a C-axis rotary torque table. The generous size of the rotary table provides maximum versatility because you can use the extra table space for secondary operations, 3-axis work, or plate work due to the rotary torque table being flush with the machine table. The VMX42SRTi has XYZ travels of 42 x 24 x 24 inches and a motorized, 12,000-rpm spindle with 40 HP.



5-Axis Universal Machining Center

The 5-axis universal design of the VC500i supports a wide range of parts and allows you to use standard length tooling due to the B-axis configuration. The full +110° / -110° B-axis motion provides superb undercut capability. This machining center features 20.5 x 17.7 x 15.8 inches of XYZ travels, a 12,000-rpm, CAT 40 spindle and 40-tool ATC.

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Innovation that Matters to You

Developing CNC control technology that increases the profitability of each customer's business is what drives innovation at Hurco. It’s ingrained in our culture. It’s our passion. It’s our job.

Our team of engineers isn't just smart and highly educated...they’re practical. They focus on developing CNC control technology that makes your job easier. Each feature must have a benefit to the customer. And they pride themselves on simplifying the technology on the front-end so it is intuitive and user-friendly.

Hurco engineers get it...if your CNC machine isn't making chips, it's not making money. You can count on Hurco's CNC machines to get you from print to part faster!

Hurco has the CNC machine you need.

From 5-axis CNC machines to large format CNC machining centers designed for the aerospace and energy sectors, there is a Hurco CNC machine for you. Our flagship VMX line is the workhorse of 3-axis CNC machining centers. But we don’t stop at milling. We have worked diligently to ensure our turning centers are up to par with our mills. The TMX, TMM, and TM CNC lathe machine lines include a range of turning centers with chuck sizes up to 25 inches and live tool CNC machines that support the "done in one" philosophy.


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People You Can Count On

We are a team of committed professionals who are focused on our customers' success. Whether you're ordering parts, scheduling service, talking to accounting about your bill, getting advice from our applications engineers, or thinking about buying a CNC machine, you will be interacting with people who speak your language...we understand that your business is your livelihood...we realize your time is valuable.